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    The vibrating screens are used for sizing different types of products.  They are also used as safety device to prevent contamination of products.

    Depending on the application, product screening, required cutpoints, etc. … the most appropriate equipment is defined in each case.

    We have a wide range of equipment which covers any required application:

    • Vibrating sieves
    • Statistical screens
    • Mechanical drive screens
    • Flip-flop screens
    • Bar screens
    • Dewatering screens


    The SV – SB vibrating screens are characterized by their simple construction and are manufactured up to a screening area of about 4.5 m2.

    Powered by one or two vibrators (depending on size), they are installed suspended or supported, horizontally or inclined, always depending on the case and the chosen model. They may be open or sealed with lids, with or without product collection hoppers. Models in watertight manholes for inspection of its interior are placed and optionally can be placed shots dust collection.

    Teams may consist of one or two screen decks, and the type of mesh to be placed depends on the application and may be in carbon or stainless steel, being standard or non-blinding, etc … there is even the possibility of placing polyurethane panels and perforated plates.

    Meshes tensioning may be transversal or longitudinal tension trough conventional fasteners using special clamps which maintain constant the tension of the mesh.

    Probabilistic Screens

    SIM-SIML  statistical vibrating screens are multideck type and are based on the principle of statistical or probabilistic screening passage of the particle through the mesh. They are small and therefore not required a too complex structure.

    They consist of a rigid piece frame stiffened by stringers, where the meshes are supported. Driven by two vibrators, 4, 6 or 8 poles depending on the size and application, incorporate 2 to 6 decks.  They are  design in two possible lengths 2400 mm  or 1300 mm. Manufacturing widths may be 500, 1000, 1500 or 2000 mm.

    This screen can be made open, or closed, so that each portion of material is channeled to its corresponding outlet.

    The mesh can be tensioned longitudinally using special clamps which maintains constant the tension of it. Also in certain applications is possible to place bumpers (silicone or metal chain) to reduce the possible blinding of the meshes.

    Mechanical Screens

    SCM vibrating screens are characterized by type drive system, since this is accomplished through an electric motorconnected through a drive shaft to the vibrator shaft, which has adjustable unbalanced masses in both sides of the axis. Thus we manage transmit to the product a circular motion.

    This type of screen is formed by two side rigid stiffeners interconnected by profiles which support the meshes. It can be design with 1, 2 or 3 screen decks and screen surfaces from 3.9 m2 to 14,4 m2 per deck. The isolation is ensured by rubber isolators. They reduce the dynamic stresses and attenuate the noise level. Compression and stretching properties are optimal and do not require the use of buffers. Faced with metal springs, its advantages are: low noise transmission, properties of optimal response and very long service life.

    The mesh type will vary depending on  the application:  may be conventional, non-blinding, rectangular, stainless steel, etc … there is even the possibility of placing polyurethane panels, perforated plates, type grizzly bars, etc ..

    They can be made open or sealed with tops of canvas or metal type, with optional placement of inlet valves. For certain applications it is possible to place an irrigation system via nozzles.


    With BIVITEC, Binder+Co starts where conventional screens become inefficient and less economical. Difficult products, such as damp, stalky and leafy materials or matted substances block the screen openings of conventional screening machines and thus make efficient screening impossible.

    BIVITEC provides a simple solution to these challenging demands: a driving mechanism producing resonance provides two vibratory movements in which the flexible polyurethane panels are expanded and compressed in turns, and the hard-to-screen product is separated at high acceleration. The dynamically excited screen panels thus remain clear and allow efficient screening.

    Areas of application of screening machine BIVITEC

    • Hard screening tasks in all weather conditions
    • Damp, wet and dry screening
    • Screening of building materials, industrial minerals, salts
    • Screening technology for coal and steel industry
    • Screening of ores
    • Screening machines for recycling industry

    Advantages of screening machine BIVITEC

    • Wear to the sides of the screen is prevented by the ox-horn system (laterally raised screen panels).
    • Screw less fastening system of screen panels allows them to be replaced fast.
    • Dynamic screening-panel movement keeps the screen openings clear.
    • Optimum adjustment to the task in hand by simply changing the vibration parameters.
    • Optimum side sealing by means of the ox-horn system avoids loss of material.
    • Low maintenance requirements and high availability of screening machinery.

    Bar Screens

    The SBD  vibrating screens  are characterized by a series of cascaded decks, with  cantilever bars in each one. Lacking support beams prevent products getting plug-in,  thereby facilitating the screening and evacuation.

    Powered by two vibrators, installed by suspended or supported, always depending of the problem and the chosen  model.

    This type of equipment is used in the field of recycling of materials, such as glass, metals, etc ..