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    The Grizzly feeders are devices that are primarily used for removing a product fraction before the next process.

    They are widely used in feeding crushers in quarries or CDR plants, to remove fines and thereby achieve the crusher with less work load. They are also widely used in the field of recycling of metals and non-metals, for removal of fine materials soils before next process.

    The PS Grizzly feeders are formed by a rigid piece frame stiffened by stringers where grills are supported and are driven, depending on size, either by two vibrators or a gearbox.

    They are equipped with two or three screening grills manufactured either by flame cutting or by special profiles. This type of equipment requires for operation a continuous product feed at the back.

    Moreover, the PS Grizzly Feeders are typically placed under primary material receiving hopper. Its robust design is thought to receive strong material impact when unloading into the hopper. The equipment is formed with an initial flat part under the hopper and an outlet area with two or three sections of grills made by flame cutting. They are driven, depending on size, either by two vibrators or by a exciter.