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    The vibrating tables of the CTM, CTT and CTS series are very compact equipment, basically consisting of a vibrating platform, powered by two vibrators 2 or 4 poles depending on the application, and isolated by either rubber or steel springs.

    This type of equipment is used for compacting products packaged in boxes, prefabricated concrete compaction, product separation, mould release moulding, etc ...

    In the vibrating tables CTM series vibrating platform is a flat table, while the CTT series is designed to be integrated into a roller conveyor. In the latter case and using a managed air balloons in the rest position, the containers which are to be compacted and move on rollers when inflated, the vibrating structure of the table is raised in order to make compaction of the product

    In CTS  vibrating tables of the vibrating plate is formed by a grid, so that we can get a separation due to the vibration. Therefore we can separate sand from pieces in foundry shakeout process.