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    ERB – ERU vibrating elevators are distinguished by their simple construction consisting of a central tube on where a helical coil is welded trough which the bulk material is transported and raises it. They are very reliable and low maintenance equipment. The maximum lifted height with one equipment is 6 meters.

    Driven by two vibrators, 4 or 6 poles depending on the size and application, they are placed on a hub which can be in the top or bottom of the elevator, depending on the needs and therefore on the installation space.

    To avoid the transmission of vibration and to reduce the noise, the vibrant elevators are supported on rubber isolators.

    Optionally devices can be manufactured as fully sealed by placing a weld-metallic or awning type seal outside.

    Air outlets may be placed in the central tube to allow operations of cooling, heating or drying of the product while it is elevated.