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Eralki Engineering SL is a dedicated engineering offering customized solutions to help you to optimize your manufacturing processes and installations. Through the vibration, we bring you the best solution for conveying, dosing, screening and material handling.

ERALKI ENGINEERING SL is the result of bringing together a multidisciplinary team of people with extensive knowledge and experience in designing, manufacturing and marketing vibrating solutions.

Accustomed to working with national and international companies, we offer customized solutions to meet specific needs.

An engineering company has the technological means, and especially humans, to carry out our projects, ensuring the best conditions in the finishing equipment. All of our equipment is subjected to strict controls inspection to ensure perfect operation in the conditions of work required.

Because we aim to be your partner, providing solutions for the needs of transport, dosing and screening of bulk materials and thus help optimize the efficiency of your production lines and facilities.

Feel free to ask any new projects that are under study or future needs, and that through the vibration we can solve.

ERALKI’s team