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    Vibrating feeders are primarily used for the removal of bulk material stored in hoppers. They are placed in the outlet area of the hopper and usually with a positive rake angle, but this can be adjusted to achieve the required flow of material.

    The outlet of the hopper must have a channeler guide on fitting the vibrating feeder; these guides should have in turn a static control gate material layer.

    We can provide, optionally, complete equipments including: vibrating tray, channeler guides, rubber closures, chopping board, supporting structure and even bar top closure, so it only has to be fixed to the outlet of the hopper frame.

    Depending on the type of drive we can distinguish:

    • Electromechanical feeders
    • Electromagnetic feeders

    Electromechanical feeders

    The vibrating feeders with the electromechanical drive are used primarily to remove or dispense with a fixed rate product to manipulate stored in hoppers.

    The actuation may be done by the use of two vibrators or by a gearbox with a direct connection by cardan shaft to a motor.

    In some cases using a frequency converter within certain ranges can perform a flow control.

    Electromagnetic feeders

    The vibrating feeders with electromagnetic drive are used primarily to remove or dispense a controlled rate of product stored in hoppers.

    The equipment is supplied with a Thyristor Controller in order to control the feed rate manually by a potentiometer or automatically via a 4-20 mA or 0-10 V external signal.

    Vibrators drive are single phase and are ready for connection to the net 230V or 400V-50Hz (or 440V-60Hz). The standard excitation frequency is 50Hz (60Hz). However but depending on the applications a lower oscillation frequencies could be applied: 25Hz (30Hz).