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The range of equipment that Eralki Engineering, SL manufactures is very wide and it stands for high quality both in terms of materials and finish.

The equipment can be manufactured in different materials such as carbon steel or stainless steels in different qualities, and it can be protected with different types of wear liners of fine metallic coatings, rubberized, polyethylene, etc.

From a point of view of finished paint, it can be applied any cycle described by the customer, whether sand-blasted, epoxies, polyurethanes, etc … have to do so in a highly prepared paint booth.

The equipment described in each section give an idea of the possible equipments that can be design and manufactured, but if you do not find the equipment you require our Engineering team will study any particular application you have.

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Low Flow Feeders

Vibrating Feeders

Vibrating dosing and weighing equipment

Vibrating Conveyors

Natural Frequency Conveyors

Vibrating Elevators

Compacting Tables

Vibrating Screens

Dewatering Screens

Grizzly Feeders

Furnace Charger

Frit Ceramic Extractor Feeder