Frit Ceramic Extractor Feeder

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    RFA frit Extractor feeders are specially designed equipment for the manufacturing process of the ceramic frit.  In them, it is produced the crystallization of the product which has previously been fired in a furnace at temperatures above 1000 ° C.

    The equipment is designed to contain a certain amount of water in, with a corresponding input and output flow, where crystallization occurs due to thermal shock.

    The machines are driven by two vibrators, and because of the vibration effects, crystallized frit is transported from the back of the tray to the front of the machine for disposal.  For maximize product drain, the bottom of the tray is designed with an upward tilt angle of inclination.

    To improve the drainage of water containing the frit after extraction, optionally, placed in the transport process, a second vibrating feeder special characteristics, with an upper upward slope causing the drainage of water through a grid placed in rear end of the equipment.

    Both the main machine (the extractor) and secondary (the dewatering), are made of stainless steel AISI-304, and optionally coated with alumina tiles that prevent contamination of the frit, due to both its degree of aggressiveness as to the steepness of the tray. Also both equipments are equipped with the same material car cover full equipped with wheels and levelling screws.

    Optionally you can place other elements such as gates, pneumatic locking, wipers combs, etc …