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    When handling bulk products vibrating conveyors are the best choice, the process is done in a reliable way, with minimum maintenance, and low energy consumption.

    Equipments are adapted to the installation design in which they must be coupled, both as regards to its overall dimensions, and to the materials to be manufactured.  It is also possible to included areas with perforated plates, meshes, etc… in  order to obtain a screening or cleaning product. Also the trays can be opened, closed with caps, tubular shapes, etc. And can be placed either supported or suspended.

    such as flexible joints, control covers, dust collection, etc

    Depending on the type of drive, we distinguish the following types:

    • Electromechanical conveyor
    • Electromagnetic conveyor
    • Bi-directional conveyor
    • Pneumatic conveyor

    Electromechanical feeders

    The vibrating conveyor with the electromechanical   drive is used primarily to remove or dispense with a fixed rate product to manipulate stored in hoppers.

    The actuation may be done by the use of two vibrators or by a gearbox with a direct connection by a cardan shaft to an E-motor.

    In some cases using a frequency  converter within certain ranges can perform a flow control.

    Electromagnetic feeders

    The vibrating conveyor with electromagnetic drive is used primarily to remove or dispense a controlled rate of product stored in hoppers.

    The equipment is supplied with a Thyristor Controller in order to control the feed rate manually by a potentiometer or automatically via a 4-20 mA or 0-10 V external signal.

    Vibrators drive are single phase and are ready for connection to the net 230V or 400V-50Hz (or 440V-60Hz). The standard excitation frequency is 50Hz (60Hz). However but depending on the applications a lower oscillation frequencies could be applied: 25Hz (30Hz).


    With this type of equipment an uniform distribution of the material over the entire width is achieved.  Equipment widely used for feeding other equipment, such as vibrating screens, densimetric tables, conveyor belts, etc ..

    The drive is provided by two vibrators and the placement of them depends on how the product is fed to the vibrating conveyor, it could be centred or lateral. This type of equipment is normally closed but it is possible to be designed open.

    Bidirectional feeders

    By a suitable arrangement of the vibrators on the equipment and a correct electrical operation, it is possible using a central feeding to obtain the transportation of the product to be handled in both directions, evidently in an alternative way.

    Pneumatic feeders

    By operation of a pneumatic vibrator and corresponding accessories, with this type of conveyors we can get a continuously adjustable flow. Through a pressure regulating valve we can get a regulation of the working frequency, while through the exhaust air of the vibrator we will adjust the amplitude.

    A very Interesting equipment to be used in the food sector or to be used in restrictive protection areas with ATEX classification.