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    DS dewatering screens are distinguished by their simple construction with a rigid piece frame stiffened by stringers. They are manufactured up to an effective area of 6.5 m 2.

    Driven by two vibrators, 4 or 6 poles depending on the size and application, embody in the back and bottom  polyurethane  high performance grills with large usable area and with a trapezoidal section to avoid blinding. The bottom of the grill is placed with an upward angle toward the discharge, about 3 °, thus avoiding the water runs with solids

    When material lands on the grill, most of the liquid passes rapidly through the screen and the rest, trough vibration effect trickles background. The solid finally goes out through the front of the machine with a residual moisture level of 10-15%, depending on the material and the amount of initial water.

    There are different options in terms of type, form fitting and anchoring the panels. So the size of the hole for the grids are chosen according to the grain size of the material being the usual holes the following : 0,2×11; 0,3×11;; 0,5×11; 0,8×11; 1,0×11; 1,2×11; 1,4×11 mm and so on.