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    In furnace charging is important to adapt the configuration, dimensions, etc of the furnace to material to furnace characteristics or  to other existing requirements. The wide experience enables ERALKI ENGINEERING to quote customers the most appropriate equipment to their needs.

    We design and manufacture vibrating furnace chargers for electric induction, rotary, reverbs.. furnaces.  For both ferrous and non-ferrous materials (aluminium, copper, brass, etc ..)

    Basically furnace charger consists of a vibrating feeder driven by two vibrators, mounted on a supporting structure on which a hopper that receives the material is placed. Under this structure four translational headwalls are placed, two motorized and two free. The vibrating tray is provided at the end of it with a bolted peak, it is interchangeable and in stainless steel AISI 310 to stand the high temperature existing in that area during the discharge.

    In addition, and depending on the material or other requirements, may be placed wear resistant liners on both hopper and vibrating tray or intermediate rubber liners to reduce possible noise level.

    The chargers integrate a general furnace control box, and include acoustic sounders and beacons bright, button panel, position sensors, etc …

    You can further study the placement of acoustic enclosure on the side of the charger, as well as placement in a special frame weighing cells.