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We are representatives for a range of equipment in Spain and Portugal from the Austrian Company Binder+Co, a leading company in the world for the treatment of materials. We offer solutions for basic processes like screening, moist processing, thermal treatment, classification, packaging and palletising.

The range of products that ERALKI represents in Spain and Portugal are the following:

BIVITEC: Flip flop screen

At a global level, Binder+Co is a leading company in screen manufacturing, among which is that known as BIVITEC Flip Flop Screen, of which there already exist a significant number of pieces of equipment working in Spain on applications as demanding as the SUW (solid urban waste), compost, coal, clay, silica sand, wood chips, recycling, etc…

Classification by screening is an essential step in treatment of bulk material.  The Binder+Co BIVITEC, FLIP-FLOP type screening, starts there where conventional screening technology is no longer efficient and not very profitable. Hard-to-screen products, such as very wet, splintered and flaky materials or entangled products obstruct the openings of conventional machine meshes and make efficient screening impossible.


DRYON: Fluid bed dryer

Drying and cooling are basic processes in the treatment of bulk materials in all industrial sectors. Bulk materials, such as sand and gravel, coal, crystalline products, food products and dry animal food or residues also have to be dried before undergoing further treatment.

In addition to a constant final product quality, here, above all, there is also a demand for both a high availability of the operation of drying equipment as well as a cost effective operation. One of DRYON’s special characteristics is its economic returns. The heat released from the refrigeration area is used for drying, which reduces the consumption of energy by up to 15%.

The extensive experience of Binder+Co in thermal treatment of all kinds of bulk materials, together with its competence in technical processes, make it a leading supplier in the drying technology sector.


MINEXX: Optical separator for raw materials

In recent years, sensor-based classification has become increasingly important in the treatment of raw materials, as it offers considerable economic advantages and represents an efficient and cost-effective alternative to extensive processes and manual classification.

MINEXX Mineral is the result of decades of Binder+Co experience in the mechanical and sensor treatment of original and secondary raw materials. Our industrial mineral classification systems are especially suitable for loading materials with very variable properties and different components of the raw material. We equip MINEXX Mineral so that it adapts in an optimal way to your needs, and its modular construction allows an effective integration into both existing and new treatment processes.

Typical materials for treatment with MINEXX equipment are: calcium carbonate, quartz, feldspar, talcum, magnesite, silicon, calcite, salt, etc…


CLARITY: Optical separator for recycling materials

The recycling of metals and non-metals is only cost effective if it occurs at a maximum quality level, which involves an accurate sorting of materials for their subsequent recasting. And that is precisely what is available with CLARITY from Binder+Co, apart from our 1693 classification systems installed throughout the world, we are also endorsed by our decades of experience in the conditioning (classification) of metals that come from crushing light and heavy fractions.

CLARITY guarantees a high separation accuracy and high throughput due to its stable detection quality and latest technology in high speed sorting valves.

Typical materials to be treated in the recycling field with CLARITY equipment are secondary raw materials as: light and heavy fractions from crushing, scrap metal from crushed vehicles, cables, slags, building waste, biomass, wood, … (within the contract of ERALKI does not include glass, paper and plastics).